Best Diabetic Lotions to Relieve Dry and Itchy Skin in 2022

Diabetes affects the skin too. High blood sugar levels dehydrate the skin over time. Too dry skin loses its natural protective barrier and is prone to numerous complications, including dryness, itchiness, rashes, flakes, peeling, open sores, infections, and others. 

Diabetic lotions are professionally formulated to address these common diabetic skin complications and help compensate for diabetes’ impacts on the skin. 

DIabetic lotions being applied by senior woman

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What is the Difference Between Diabetic Lotion and Regular Lotion?

Diabetic lotions are more of a marketing name than anything else. There is no such thing as diabetic skincare products that completely cure all diabetic skin problems. Putting the word “diabetic” on a body lotion is a marketing strategy to sell it at a higher price than generic moisturizers.

That being said, because they have fragile and sensitive skin, people with diabetes need lotions with specific characteristics.

Skin lotions for diabetics must be gentle and non-aggressive. They usually contain no irritating ingredients such as allergens, chemicals, fragrances, or parabens.

Lotions for diabetics’ dry skin should be moisturizing but not too greasy so as not to favor other problems.

They also usually contain soothing ingredients such as aloe vera to alleviate diabetes-related skin discomforts like irritations, redness, itchiness, or other skin discomforts.

Why do people with diabetes have dry skin?

Diabetes increases your chances of having dry and itchy skin. Repetitive high blood sugar levels and poorer blood circulation can cause dehydration of the body and the skin.

This often leads to dryness and itchiness, skin rashes, and other skin conditions related to diabetes, including acanthosis nigricans, diabetic dermopathy, necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum, diabetic blisters, digital sclerosis, and others.

Is itchy skin a sign of diabetes?

People with diabetes have a higher risk of having itchy skin and skin rashes, and itchy skin may be a sign of diabetes. 

Itchiness can come from various diabetes complications, but the link between itchy skin and diabetes isn’t clear. Itchy diabetic skin may be caused by high blood sugar levels, skin dehydration, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, poor blood circulation, high levels of cytokines, kidney or liver failure, or others.  
If you have diabetes, do not ignore skin problems. Dry and itchy skin can lead to open sores and infections, quickly escalating into severe complications for people with diabetes. Ask for your doctor’s advice before applying any diabetic lotion.

Recommended Diabetic Lotions overview

Gold Bond Diabetics’ Dry Skin Relief Lotion

Most Popular Diabetic Lotion
Gold Bond Diabetics Dry Skin Relief Lotion

Gold Bond Ultimate Diabetic’s Dry Skin Relief Lotion is the most popular lotion for people with diabetes. It’s specially formulated for people with diabetes, dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, and fragrance-free. 

It promises 24 hours of moisture. It’s an excellent formula based on a blend of 7 moisturizers, emollients, and humectants, as well as three vitamins to nourish and replenish dry skin deeply. The aloe vera it contains provides an efficient soothing effect if your skin is itchy. 

This lotion is best for people with diabetes with normal to dry skin and mild itching. It can be used daily, and the pump bottle is very convenient. Gold Bond also has a trendy diabetic foot cream

CeraVe Diabetic Lotion for Dry Skin

Best Body Moisturizer for Diabetics’ Dry Skin Overall

Cerave diabetic lotion

CeraVe Diabetics’ Dry Skin Relief Lotion is a body moisturizer and soother developed by dermatologists for people with diabetic skin problems. This lotion works with CeraVe’s patented Multivesicular Emulsion Technology (MVE). The ingredients are trapped in multi-layered vesicles and slowly released to the skin over time. It allows longer-lasting hydration (up to 48 hours, according to the manufacturer).

This diabetic lotion contains a considerable amount of urea, a potent humectant able to absorb the moisture from the environment and draw it to the skin. It’s also an emollient capable of softening thick, rough, or callused skin.

Lastly, CeraVe’s lotion is packed with essential ceramides to help restore the skin’s protective barrier against germs, external pollution, and toxins. 

Eucerin Intensive Repair Body Lotion

Best for Diabetics with Very Dry Skin
Eucerin Intensive repair body lotion

Although Eucerin Intensive Repair body lotion has not been specially formulated for diabetics, it’s one of the most popular body lotions for dehydrated skin and perfectly suitable for diabetics’ fragile skin. It’s gentle yet very efficient. 

Eucerin skincare products are fragrance-free, paraben-free, dye-free, dermatologically tested, and approved for sensitive skin. Remember that your skin is weakened by diabetes and high blood sugar. Diabetic skin is often more sensitive and requires gentle skincare products without chemicals or aggressive ingredients. 

This lotion is a deep body moisturizer to repair dehydrated and flaky skin. It provides a “3-dimensional” effect to moisturize, exfoliate, and condition the skin. The skin appearance is immediately improved, and the dryness only goes away within a few days of use. 

Ease-Z Zinc Diabetics’ Dry Skin Therapy Lotion

Best for Cracking, Itchy Skin, and Minor Sores

Ease-Z zinc lotion for diabetics

Ease-Z Diabetics’ Dry Skin Therapy Lotion is excellent for those who have dry skin with cracks or minor sores. When the skin is too dry, it often peels or cracks, leading to tiny open sores. Besides being painful, it can cause infections and further skin complications. 

This diabetic lotion contains Zinc as one of its main active ingredients. Zinc has numerous benefits for skin health. Not only does it help fight bacterial infections, but it also has strong anti-inflammatory properties and efficiency helps relieving redness and itchiness. 

On top of that, this body lotion contains a combination of 4 moisturizers, humectants, and emollients, including shea butter, coconut oil, lecithin, and glycerin. It deeply moisturizes the skin to bring durable dryness and itch relief. 

Curel Itch Defense Calming Body Lotion 

Best Lotion for Diabetics for Very Itchy Skin 

Curél Itch Defense Calming Body Lotion hasn’t been specially formulated for diabetic skin, but it’s the best and most popular skin lotion for very itchy skin. It’s clinically proven to relieve dryness and severe itchiness and is officially accepted by the National Eczema Association.

Besides symptomatically soothing itchiness, Curél’s body lotion provides deep rehydration and moisture to the skin to treat the problem at its roots and prevent it from returning. It also contains ceramides to restore the skin’s protective barrier and helps rebalance the skin’s pH levels.

It can be used on the most sensitive skin, including diabetics’ and babies’ skin.

How to prevent diabetes skin complications?

Most diabetes skin complications are directly related to high blood sugar. Skin problems usually disappear when your Hemoglobin A1C goes back to normal levels. The first step to preventing or curing diabetes skin conditions is to lower your blood sugar levels.

A good skincare routine can also help prevent and alleviate skin discomforts. Always keep your skin clean and moisturized. Use appropriate creams and lotions. Avoid scratching.

If your skin does not get better and dryness or itching is persistent, talk to your doctor and get medical attention to avoid further complications.