Diabetes and Neuropathy

Diabetic-foot.net is a hub for people with diabetes and neuropathy to find in-depth guides to diabetic products and informational content on neuropathy.

Exercises for hands with neuropathy

10 Powerful Neuropathy Exercises to Reclaim Control of Your Hands

Incorporating gentle stretches and hand exercises for neuropathy into your daily routine can help improve circulation, reduce muscle tension, and increase flexibility in the hands and arms. And while these exercises may not cure neuropathy, they can offer relief, reduce nerve pain, and improve your overall quality of life.

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Examining feet

Is CET Treatment for Neuropathy Worth the Try?

Combined Electrochemical Therapy (CET) is one of the newest treatments available for peripheral neuropathy.
While it’s still at its early stage and more research is needed, preliminary findings and clinical trials show great promise. This combination of electrical signals with pain medication may significantly reduce nerve pain and improve nerve function.

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Should you be running with neuropathy?

Running with Neuropathy: A Healthy Approach

the decision to be running with neuropathy or engage in any cardio-focused exercise, needs to be planned and carefully managed. Let’s have a look at whether you should run or not, and if you intend to, what crucial topics need to be considered.

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