The 8 Best Diabetic Slippers for Men and Women in 2022

Diabetic Slippers

Diabetic slippers play a crucial role in diabetic foot health, even more so if you suffer from peripheral neuropathy. Your feet spend hours in your house shoes, so they must be comfortable and well protected.

There’s no such thing as the best diabetic slippers or the best house shoes for neuropathy. It all depends on your needs, your feet’ condition, the symptoms and pain you suffer from, and your tastes. 

A selection of great diabetic slippers for men and women includes various styles, orthopedic features, and price ranges. I hope you find your dream house shoes!

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Best Diabetic Slippers for Men:

Orthofeet Hudson Stretchable Orthopedic Slippers for Men

Best diabetic slippers for men Orthofeet Hudson
Orthofeet Hudson Men's Slippers


Pros for Diabetic Feet:


Stretchable uppers

Adjustable straps

Wider toe box

Extended widths

Premium insoles

Ergonomic sole


Anatomical arch support

60-days wear test

Orthofeet’s Hudson Diabetic Slippers for Men

Orthofeet is known to offer premium-quality pain-relieving orthopedic footwear that’s among podiatrists’ favorites.

The Hudson slippers for men have been thought of with diabetes and neuropathy. A seamless non-irritative padded interior and enhanced cushioning around the foot protect sensitive feet and relieve aching ones. Designed with adjustable straps and stretchable uppers, these house shoes are absolutely non-binding and fully adjustable. You can choose from different widths and add fitting spacers to get the perfect customized fit.

Orthofeet’s premium orthotic insoles (worth $40) are included. The anatomical arch support realigns the foot and leg to ease the pain while walking and improve balance. People with diabetes and peripheral neuropathy often complain about a loss of balance. It’s a side effect of damaged nerves diminishing the sensation in the lower limb. This often results in tripping, stumbles, and falls. Diabetic footwear, including slippers like Orthofeet Hudson ones, can help stabilize the feet and improve balance. 


The insoles are removable: replace them with your custom-made orthotics or use them in any other pair of shoes! Extremely comfortable, these diabetic slippers for men have received numerous “thank you” from men suffering from diabetic foot pain

The only drawback I could think of is the price. Orthofeet is an honest orthopedic footwear company, and its shoes come at a higher price than regular shoes. But you get a 60-day wear test and a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied. Definitely worth the try!

Orthofeet Hudson Slippers for men diabetes and neuropathy
Orthopedic slippers for diabetes

Reviews from Diabetic Customers:

More than 130 verified customer reviews of these slippers are on the product page. Here are a few ones from people with diabetes and neuropathy:

“Great Slippers. I have peripheral neuropathy and flat feet. These slippers are warm, comfortable, easy to slip on and off, and have good arch support. Overall I am pleased with the purchase.” Ome Arora, Stone Mountain, USA.

“Best Shoes Ever. My husband has feet problems and a diabetic ulcer. These shoes keep his feet comfortable and do not irritate in any place.” Carla Herren, Forney, USA. 

More Mens Diabetic Slippers from Orthofeet:

Orthofeet Ashville slippers for men with diabetes and neuropathy
Orthofeet Ashville Slippers for Men

Best Diabetic Slippers for Women:

Orthofeet Louise Stretch Knit Slippers for Diabetes & Neuropathy

Best Diabetic Slippers for Women 2021 Orthofeet Louise Strech Knit
Orthofeet Louise Stretch Knit Women Slippers


Pros for Diabetic Feet:


Stretchable & adjustable

Non-binding fit

Fully customisable

Wider toe box

Extended widths

Premium orthotics

Ergonomic stride sole

Great stability

Optimal comfort

Anatomical arch support


60-days wear test

Orthofeet Louise Stretch Knit Women’s Slippers

Just like for men, Orthofeet offers the best diabetic slippers for women. The Louise Stretch Knit therapeutic slippers for people with diabetes are incredibly comfortable and protective.

The design is non-binding and especially thought to boost blood circulation and avoid pressure points on your feet. People living with diabetes often develop peripheral artery disease, which leads to poor blood circulation in the lower limbs. That’s why diabetic shoes must be non-constricting and help blood circulate better.

Louise Stretch Knit slippers’ stretchable uppers, adjustable straps, and fitting spacers make it easy to find the perfect personalized fit. They’re ideal for aching or swollen feet, as you can adjust and readjust your house shoes as the day goes by. These slippers are available in 4 different widths: narrow, medium, wide or extra-wide.

They come with removable premium orthotic insoles (worth $40), providing enhanced foot arch support and cushioning. The interior is remarkably soft and protective. Every part is eased, padded, and smoothed for a “walking on cloud” experience.

If you buy on Orthofeet’s website, you get a 60-day wear test and a 100% money-back guarantee if unsatisfied.

Orthofeet diabetic slippers for neuropathy
Orthofeet Louisa Women's Diabetic Slippers

Reviews from Diabetic Customers:

These orthopedic slip-on house shoes for women have received plenty of reviews from customers living with diabetes and neuropathy. Here are the most recent ones:

Love the shoes. My feet do not hurt anymore These are the only shoes that I have tried that I could wear the first day for 9 hours and my feet did not hurt.​” Robin Tingen, Butner, USA.

Finally! Shoes my mom can wear. My 83 yr. old mother is overweight, diabetic, and has heart problems. It seemed that no shoe worked for her. Finally! This shoe did the trick. It’s easy to put on and off and she can wear it with and without socks. The shoes are very comfortable and of very good quality. Very happy with this purchase.” L. Klumpp, Fort Lauderdale, USA.

More Women’s Diabetic Slippers from Orthofeet:

Orthofeet Capri slippers for women
Orthofeet Capri Women's Slippers

Best Neuropathy Slippers for Men and Women

Apex Basis Slip-on House Shoes for Diabetics with Neuropathy

Apex slip on shoes for house diabetes and neuropathy
Apex Sock-Like Slippers for Diabetic Neuropathy

 Pros for Neuropathy:

  •  Pain-free design
  • Sock-like feel
  • Non-binding
  • No pressure point
  • Stretchable
  • Breathable
  • Easy to put on
  • Good arch support
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Removable footbeds
  • Heel lift
  • Machine washable
  • Free shipping & returns

Apex Basis Neuropathy Slippers 

Apex Basis Slip-ones are unique slippers that those suffering from diabetic neuropathy pain and symptoms will significantly appreciate, thanks to their “no-feel” design. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy symptoms vary a lot from one person to the other. While some people feel numbness in the feet, others feel prickling, tingling, burning sensations, or sharp pains. Extreme sensitivity to touch is also widespread, sometimes making mere contact with sheets, socks, or shoes extremely painful. 

Apex Basis Slip-ons’ no-feel design is specially made to bring relief from severe nerve pain. Their oversized pull tabs allow an easy and pain-free foot entry. Crafted in a highly breathable and stretchable material, they’re non-binding and put no pressure points on your feet. They’re made, so you don’t even feel you’re wearing slippers

They come with removable footbeds that provide proper arch support and removable heel lifts, so you can insert your orthotics if you wish. The rear foot is reinforced for enhanced stability, and the outsole is slip-resistant for security.

These comfortable neuropathy slippers combine a professional pain-relief house shoe design at a great price ($39.96). The only downside is they’re not suitable for outdoor walks. 

Apex slippers for diabetic and neuropathy
Apex Basis slip-on house shoes, unisex

Reviews from Customers with Diabetic Neuropathy:

Apex Basis Slippers are well-appreciated by customers struggling with neuropathy pain and symptoms. Read more reviews on the Apex website.

Basis slip-ons as a gift. I bought this item for my brother who has Type 2 diabetes. He loved them, they are very comfortable and supportive. He wears them around the home only.” Carla V., USA.

More Slippers for Diabetic Neuropathy from Apex:

Apex mocassin slippers for neuropathy
Apex Moccasin slippers with fleece-lined footbeds

Best Diabetic Slippers for Swollen Feet

Propét Cush’ N Foot Extra-wide Diabetic Slippers for Men & Women

Propet Foot N Cush slippers for women diabetic
Propét Extra-wide Slippers for Women
Propet Foot N Cush diabetic slippers for men
Propét Extra-wide Slippers for Men

 Pros for Diabetes Swollen Feet:

  •  Medicare-approved
  • Extended-widths
  • Extra-large openings
  • Adjustable velcro closure
  • Breathable material
  • Moisture-wicking insoles
  • Removable footbeds
  • Improved traction
  • Free returns

Propét Cush’ N Foot Medicare Extra-wide Diabetic Slippers 

Propét has been in the US market since 1985, and the company’s footwear is among the most podiatrist-recommended ones for diabetes. Because of poorer blood circulation, people with diabetes often suffer from swollen feet, also called edema. This condition can be excruciating and debilitating, but wearing appropriate footwear helps reduce the pain. 

The Cush ‘N Foot extra-wide slippers are great for diabetics’ swollen feet. They are crafted in a super-stretchable neoprene material. Fully adjustable hoop and loop closures with extra-large openings allow a pain-free foot insertion. They’re easy to adjust and re-adjust as the day goes by and the swelling worsens. The footbeds are cushioned and moisture-wicking, keeping your feet in a dry and healthy environment away from fungus. They’re removable so that you can insert your custom-made orthotics instead.

The outsole is durable and provides enough traction for short-distance walks indoors and outdoors. These slippers are super lightweight but provide strong foot support. They’re available in various styles and colors. For each shoe size, three widths are available: regular, wide, and extra-wide.

Propét Cush ‘N Foot slippers for diabetes are officially approved for reimbursement by Medicare under the Therapeutic Shoes for Persons with Diabetes Benefit.

Silvert’s Double Extra-Wide Slippers

Best for Diabetics with Extra-wide Feet (Men and Women)

Silverts diabetic slippers for women
Silvert's Extra Wide Diabetic Slippers for Women
Silverts diabetic slippers for men
Silvert's Extra Wide Diabetic Slippers for Men

 Pros for Diabetics with Wider Feet:

  •  Extra-wide design
  • Adjustable closure
  • Hook & loop fasteners
  • Supportive
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Removable insoles
  • Anti-slip soles
  • Suitable for outdoor
  • Amazon Prime

Great Slippers for Diabetics with Wider Feet

Silvert specializes in adaptive footwear for disabled, elderly, and disabled people. If diabetes and neuropathy don’t necessarily fit within these categories, these extra-wide slippers are great for wider feet that need a pressure-free environment.

Silvert’s slippers’ key feature is designed to be extra-wide, which is their non-biding design that puts no pressure points on your feet. They help promote blood flow through the feet, which is excellent for people with diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, or swollen feet.

You can wear them with the included insoles or substitute them with your custom-made ones. These pain-relief house shoes are also suitable for short distances outside the house!

Dr. Comfort Therapeutic Slippers with Gel Insoles

Best Diabetic House shoes to relax in

Dr. Comfort's Therapeutic Slippers for Men
dr Comfort therapeutic slippers for women
Dr. Comfort's Therapeutic Slippers for Women

 Pros for Diabetic Feet:

  •  Extra roomy
  • Non-binding
  • Protective toe box
  • Relax gel insoles
  • Fleece shoe lining
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • 100% Suede
  • Free Shipping

Most Relaxing Diabetic House Shoes

Dr. Comfort is a Worldwide famous orthopedic footwear company. Their top-quality shoes are designed by foot professionals with the most diabetes-friendly features.

These therapeutic 100% Suede diabetic slippers offer plenty of room to accommodate swollen or achy feet. The interior is seamless and lined with fleece, protecting your skin against blisters and irritations while keeping your feet warm. The gel inserts provide enhanced comfort, stress reduction, and shock absorption. The slip-resistant outsole is made of solid rubber EVA.

The only downside is that they’re not adjustable, and the insoles are not removable. They either fit your feet or not. Additionally, Dr. Comfort’s diabetic house shoes are an excellent choice for people with diabetes and neuropathy who want to relax at home.

Secrete Slippers Adjustable Slippers for Diabetes

Best Outdoor Slippers for Diabetes

Secrete Slippers for Men
Secrete slippers for diabetic women with neuropathy
Secrete Slippers for Women

 Pros for Diabetes & Neuropathy:

  •  Fully adjustable
  • Air-cushioned
  • High-density memory foam
  • Replacement insoles
  • Extended widths
  • Great arch support
  • Sock absorption
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Anti-skid rubber sole
  • Indoor & outdoor use

Diabetic Slippers for Indoor & Outdoor Use

Secrete Slippers are now well famous in diabetes and neuropathy world. These air-cushioned adjustable slippers have all the diabetes-friendly features you need to protect your feet.

The interior is fully padded and cushioned to enhance comfort and protection. The uppers are adjustable, and it’s easy to find the perfect fit, so your slippers are snug without blocking your blood circulation. The interior is very soft and seamless, which is ideal for sensitive skin.

They come with three pairs of removable insoles. The high-density 70D memory foam insoles provide a good anti-stress pillow with excellent shock absorption capacity. Two extra pairs of 3 mm and 5 mm insoles can be added as spacers. The anti-skid slip-resistant rubber outsole provides good traction and makes these slippers suitable for outdoor short distances. There are plenty of styles available, as well as extended widths options.

LongBay Memory Foam Velcro Diabetic House Shoes

Cheapest Diabetic Slippers for Men & Women

LongBay Diabetic House Shoes for Women
LongBay Memory foam diabetic house shoes for men
LongBay Diabetic House Shoes for Men

 Pros for Diabetes & Neuropathy:

  •  Customizable fit
  • Hook & loop velcro closure
  • High-density memory foam
  • Fluffy interior
  • Reduce foot stress
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Waterproof
  • Machine washable
  • Best price!

The Cheapest Diabetic Slippers

LongBay Memory Foam slippers have been specially designed for people who have diabetes, nerve pain, and swollen feet. They’re made to relieve foot pain and reduce stress while providing support and protection.

The velcro closure is solid and allows a fully adjustable fit. The insole has high-density 80D memory foam that contours your foot and provides enhanced comfort and shock absorption. A fluffy interior lining puts your feet in a cocoon-like experience and protects your skin from blisters and irritations. The outsoles are slip-resistant.

Overall, it’s an excellent choice for an unbeatable price: count around $20 depending on size and model. The insoles are not removable.

What are Diabetic Slippers?

Wearing good slippers when you have diabetes is much more critical. People with diabetes are at higher risk of developing severe foot complications than the general population. But protecting your feet and taking extra care of them considerably reduces these risks. 

Your feet spend long hours in your slippers and house shoes, so it’s essential they are comfortable and protective. Here’s what good diabetic slippers or neuropathy slippers should provide you with:

Comfortable footwear

Without any doubt, the most important thing to look for when buying diabetic slippers is comfort. Your feet need to be at ease, free of any stress, pressure point, and constriction. Look for slippers with interior padding or lining, extra cushioning, soft materials, etc. Most importantly, look for slippers that you feel comfortable in.

No pressure points on your feet

People with neuropathy and diabetes tend to suffer from weaker blood circulation, especially in the lower limbs. Most of our foot complications, such as diabetic ulcers, come from that poor blood flow. Our footwear must never constrict our ankles and feet and helps boost blood flow instead. That means non-binding shoes. Always try out your slippers first, and be sure they’re not too tight and don’t constrict your feet. If you feel any pressure points, don’t hesitate to return them and get one size up.

Protective slipper with interior lining

Your slippers’ interior should be protected to avoid wounds that could lead to severe diabetes-related complications. Be sure there’s no pressure point, friction, or seams that could irritate your skin and cause blisters and irritations. Remember, when living with diabetes, a tiny blister could turn into an absolute nightmare. Look for diabetic house shoes with a very soft interior material, smooth lining, seamless construction, and extra padding on the heels. 

Adjustable closures like velcro 

Size matters. Especially for diabetic footwear. Finding the perfect fit is crucial and will keep you away from numerous problems. That’s why most good-quality slippers for diabetes and neuropathy come with adjustable and customizable features: stretchable straps, adjustable velcro closures, removable insoles, etc. Professional orthopedic footwear brands usually offer different widths options and removable fitting spacers.

Slip-resistant outsoles

Slip-resistant outsole is not compulsory, but it’s a welcome addition for people with diabetes. It helps prevent falling on slippery floors and hurting ourselves!

Looking for diabetic shoes outside the slipper category? We’ve put together an updated list of neuropathy shoes in a separate article here, showing various models specifically made for people suffering from diabetes and neuropathy.