Thermal Diabetic Wool Socks to Keep your Feet Warm

Last updated on April 10, 2022 – First published on May 7, 2020

Warm diabetic wool socks

Warm thermal diabetic socks are not easy to find. Like diabetic shoes, diabetic sock choices for the winter season or for chronic cold feet are very limited and often poor-quality. Yet, keeping your feet warm is very important when living with diabetes. 

Diabetes and cold feet are part of a vicious circle. While diabetes itself can cause the feet to be or feel colder, cold increases the risks of developing diabetes-related foot problems. But, keeping your feet too warm is not good either as warm sweaty feet are paradise for bacterias and fungus.

Quality thermal diabetic socks should be warm, moisture-wicking, breathable, and diabetes-friendly at the same time! It requires quite technical features that few sock companies have managed to meet. Merino wool, Alpaca wool, thick bamboo fibers…here are the 7 most protective and warmest socks for diabetics’ cold feet this winter!

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The 7 Best Diabetic Thermal Socks in 2022

Quality thermal socks for diabetics must be crafted in wool or synthetic fabrics that offer warmth, breathability, and moisture management at the same time. Besides, like any diabetic socks, they must have protective and comfort features specially designed for diabetic feet: a loose non-binding top that promotes blood circulation, a seamless and blister-proof protective interior, as well as maybe some extra cushioning and padding. 

1. Facool Merino Wool Diabetic Socks


2. Loose Fit Stays Up Warm Merino Diabetic Socks


3. Warrior Alpaca Thermal Wool socks for Diabetes


4. Falari Thermal Diabetic Crew Socks


5. Yomandamor Warm Diabetic Winter Socks for Men

Features (men's)

6. Yomandamor Diabetic Winter Socks for Women

Features (women's)

7. Wigwam Thermal Diabetic Wool Socks


How to Buy Socks for Diabetes & Neuropathy?

As you can see from all the different diabetic socks choices there is no such thing as a standard diabetic sock. Every model features different technologies and specificities that address different foot problems. It’s not because you have diabetes that any diabetic socks will be good for your feet. You need to choose the diabetic socks features that will best address your own foot problems. 

Don’t forget to ask for your doctor or podiatrist’s recommendations. They’re the ones who best know what your feet need. 

To help you choose the best diabetic socks for you, here’s a recapitulative table linking most common diabetes-related foot problems to diabetic socks features that best address them. 

What to look for in Diabetic socks?
Features to look at when choosing diabetic socks for men