The 5 Best Diabetic Summer Socks for Dry and Healthy Feet in 2021

Diabetic socks for men in summer

Keeping our feet dry is an essential rule of diabetes foot care. Fungal and bacterial infections tend to develop in moist areas, and can later lead to more serious common foot problems for diabetic people

Good diabetic summer socks should be breathable, moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial. Pay attention that your summer socks have a loose enough fit: under warm temperature our feet tend to swell and get wider, risking being constricted by too-tight socks. Diabetics need to wear wide stretch non-binding socks that do not block blood circulation, and it’s even more true during summer times.  

It’s better to avoid cotton socks in the summer, as it’s not a moisture-wicking enough material. Most diabetic summer socks are crafted in specific yarns such as bamboo fibers, coolmax, nano-fabrics, or synthetic fibers. 

Here are the 5 best summer socks to keep diabetics’ sweaty feet dry and healthy!

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5 Best Diabetic Summer Socks in 2022

1. Orthofeet Low-cut White Bamboo Socks for Diabetes

Orthofeet is USA’s most recommended diabetic footwear company. Their top-of-the-line diabetic socks gather the most protective diabetes-friendly features. These unisex low-cut diabetic socks are the perfect choice for summer. 

They are thin, lightweight, and breathable. The remarkable Dryplex patented moisture-wicking system guarantees to keep your feet dry and healthy at all times. They are crafted in 58% bamboo fibers which provide great anti-bacterial and anti-door properties

Specially designed for people with diabetes, you’ll find the necessary non-binding design, seam free interior, and a welcome extra cushioning for even more comfort and protection. 

If you buy on Orthofeet’s website, you get a 60-days wear test and a 100% money-back guarantee. Plus, there’s currently a 10% discount on the diabetic socks’ catalog. 

2. Hugh Ugoli Loose-fit Lightweight Thin Bamboo Socks

Hugh Ugoli is one of my favourite diabetic socks brand. They craft thin and lightweight diabetic socks in 80% bamboo fibers. Naturally anti-bacterial and anti-odor, bamboo is one of the best yarn you can choose for summer temperatures. For extra breathability, these socks feature built-in micro mesh and breathing holes that let the air in and removes the sweat. 

Your feet will be protected with the most diabetic-friendly design: a wide-stretch top that does not constrict your leg, a flat hand-linked toe seam, reinforced heels and toes, and an extreme softness

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3. Hugh Ugoli Diabetic Bamboo Socks for women

Just like for the mens, the best seller in women’s summer diabetic socks is from Hugh Ugoli. These thin lightweight summer socks are crafted in 80% bamboo fibers. They’re naturally moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial and anti-odor. Extremely soft and comfortable to wear in summer times, built-in micro mesh and breathing holes enhance breathability. 

Also includes the following diabetes-friendly features: loose-fit, non-binding top, flat toe seam, reinforced heels and toes. Healthy and pretty feet for this summer: you get to choose from 32 different colors available! At only $15.80 for a 4-pack, it’s by far the best value for money on the market. 

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4. Yomandamor Coolmax Diabetic Women's Socks

Yomandamor is a great company that offer good quality diabetic socks at reasonable price. These summer diabetic socks for men are crafted in a well-thought blend of Coolmax fibers and bamboo fibers. Coolmax is a synthetic material that is used in textile industry for its great breathability and moisture-wicking capacity to which bamboo fibers add their natural anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties. These socks are temperature-regulating, keeping your feet cool in summer and insulated from cold in winter. 

There’s a knit-in mesh all around the ankle area for even more breathability. These socks are seamless and non-binding, and the heels and toes are reinforced for better durability. It’s a great product that received 80% 5 stars by more than 2,200 satisfied costumers on Amazon. 

5. Yomandamor Lightweight Mesh Bamboo Socks

These Yomandamor diabetic socks are a great choice for women to wear this summer. First, they’re made with 80% of bamboo blend combed cotton, making a highly breathable, moisture-wicking, and anti-bacterial yarn. Then, the top is engineered as a knit-in mesh which provides even more breathability. 

Last, these socks protect your feet with the most recommended diabetes-friendly features: a loose non-binding top that won’t cut off circulation, and a truly seamless toe reducing the risk of blisters and skins irritations. The heels and toes are reinforced for better durability. High quality with low price! Count around $16.8 for a 6-pack. 

What to look for when buying summer socks for diabetics’ sweaty feet?

When choosing socks for sweaty feet, you need to be careful and select some important features. Poor quality socks won’t help evaporate the sweat and will leave our feet in a damp environment all day long. This can cause not only skin irritations and blisters but also fungus and bacterial infections leading to more serious foot problems. If you have excessively moist and sweaty feet, here’s what you should be looking for when buying socks: 

Moisture-wicking & temperature-regulating fabrics

Moisture-wicking fabrics help the sweat evaporate and produce a cooling effect on the skin. After skin temperature cools down, your body stops sweating. It’s a virtuous circle. Most moisture-wicking fabrics are synthetic: Polyester, Polypropylene, Nylon, Micromodal. But you can also find naturally effective moisture-wicking yarns such as Merino wool or Bamboo fibers. Cotton is not moisture-wicking enough so you should stay away from cotton socks if you have sweaty feet.

Enhanced breathability

Breathability is essential when choosing socks for sweaty feet, especially if you have diabetes and/or foot problems. Moisture-wicking fabrics are necessarily breathable. But you want to have extra ventilation channels built into the socks so the air is let in and out constantly. Look for socks with ventilation mesh, channels, or holes. 

Anti-bacterial properties

Moist sweaty feet are a paradise to fungus and bacteria. It’s a good idea that your socks have anti-bacterial and anti-fungus properties. Some socks’ yarns are naturally anti-bacterial. This is the case for bamboo fibers and merino wool for example. Other fabrics are treated with Microban or Silvadur technologies. Anti-bacterial properties will also help eliminate bad foot smell, which is caused by nothing more than bacteria. 

If you have diabetes or neuropathy

Remember that diabetic socks should always be non-binding and should not ever constrict your legs. Avoid any pressure points. Seamless interior construction is also recommended, as it provides security against skin rubbing and considerably reduces the risks of blisters. When living with diabetes, extra padding or cushioning can be great additions to your socks. It considerably enhances comfort and protection.