The 15 Best Diabetic Socks for Men in 2021

15 Best diabetic socks for men

There are hundreds of diabetic socks on the market. How to find the ones that would best suit you? 

Diabetes complications such as peripheral neuropathy seriously and painfully affect our feet. High blood sugars, poor blood circulation, and loss of sensitivity sometimes lead to severe foot conditions. 

Professionally designed to boost blood circulation and protect our feet, diabetic socks can really make the difference and help prevent or alleviate diabetes-related foot problems. 

To guide you in your search, I’ve scrutinised and reviewed the 15 best men’s diabetics socks for every style and budget. Dig in!

The 15 Best Diabetic Socks for Women in 2021

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#1 Best Overall Diabetic Socks for Men

Orthofeet Biosoft Padded Sole Diabetic Socks

Orthofeet Biosoft Padded Sole Diabetic Socks

Orthofeet is the #1 recommended diabetic footwear brand in the USA. Their diabetic socks are designed with the best technical features to prevent and alleviate most common diabetes-related foot problems. They’re made with a premium quality blend of 67% anti-bacterial bamboo fibers and 26% cotton. The interior is super soft and entirely seamless, minimizing friction, and preventing blisters and skin irritation. Orthofeet’s DryPlex patented moisture-wicking system keeps your feet in a dry and healthy environment.

Orthofeet’s socks are non-binding and made to help boost blood circulation in patients living with diabetes and neuropathy. I personally like the comfort and protection of the padded-sole ones, but you extra-roomy and the dress models are great too. 

There’s a 60-days wear test and a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. Plus, you currently benefit from a 10% discount on all Orthofeet’s diabetic socks.

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Best Diabetic No-show Socks for Men

Apex Copper Cloud No-show Diabetic Socks with Arch Support

Apex Copper Cloud No-show Diabetic Socks with Arch Support​

Apex is another therapeutic footwear leading company which sells best-quality foot products for diabetes and neuropathy patients. The Copper cloud diabetic socks for men and women are available in crew, ankle or no-show lengths. 

They’re crafted in premium copper yarn material with great moisture-wicking and anti-fungal properties. The ventilated airflow allows for maximal breathability so your feet stay in a dry and healthy environment. 

The interior is seamless and non-irritative. The heels and toes are reinforced for enhanced comfort and durability. What makes these diabetic socks unique is the light arch support they provide. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis pain, they’re probably be your best option.

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Best Men's Diabetic Socks in Sizes 13-15

Thorlo's Men's Diabetic Moderate Cushion Crew Socks

Thorlo's Men's Diabetic Moderate Cushion Crew Socks

Thorlo’s is a sock-only company founded in North Carolina in the early 1980’s. They design superior socks to bring foot protection to athletes, military, runners, as well as people suffering from various conditions affecting the feet, including diabetes.

Thorlo’s diabetic socks for men are crafted in premium patented Thorlon yarn that, beside being very soft on the skin, has incredible moisture-wicking and friction-reduction properties. The toe seam is cushioned and non-irritative, and the top welt is non-binding to help promote blood circulation. For optimal comfort, these socks are cushioned. 

It’s one of the very few diabetic socks brands to offer specific form fittings for men with sizes up to 15

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Men's Diabetic Socks with Best Value for Money

Yomandamor Wide Stretch CoolMax Diabetic Ankle Socks

Yomandamor Wide Stretch CoolMax Diabetic Ankle Socks

Yomandamor is one of my favourite diabetic socks brands. Their products are great quality and durable, yet very affordable. These ankle socks for men are made with a premium quality blend of 40% bamboo fibers, 40% Coolmax, and 20% Elastane. Coolmax is an engineered fabric created from Polyester fabrics and designed to improve breathability. It absorbs fluid and dries very quickly, which makes great moisture-wicking breathable socks suitable for all seasons. 

You’ll enjoy a seamless toe and an extremely soft interior that protects sensitive skin, as well as reinforced heels and toes that provide superior resistance and great durability. Of course, as all real diabetic socks do, they have a wide stretch top that does not constrict your ankle and won’t restrict blood circulation. 

It’s a great quality product that comes at a very good price. Available in black or white. 

Best Cotton Socks for Men with Diabetes

Dr. Seagal's Non-binding & Seamless Cotton Diabetic Socks

Dr. Seagal's Non-binding & Seamless Cotton Diabetic Socks

Are you bored of the forever white boring diabetic socks? I am too! There’s actually a reason why diabetic socks are often white. Diabetics who suffer from neuropathy often loose sensations in their feet to the point that wounds and blisters can go unnoticed. White yarn increases blood marks awareness and helps detect wounds early enough to prevent complications.  

But it does not mean diabetics must wear white socks only! If you  inspect your feet daily, you can totally wear colourful diabetic socks with style! 

All Dr. Segals’ socks for diabetics are non-binding with a wide stretch top band, seamless interior, and an extra-cushioned footbed. They’re made with a breathable cotton blend and treated against bacterial and fungal growth. Quality is great, they’re made to last, and you get free shipping and 30-days return policy. 

Choose from 11 styles and colors, including stripes, dots, cosmic purple, and mixed packs.

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Best Dress Socks for Diabetic Men at Work

Silky Toes Men's Diabetic Dress Socks

Silky Toes Men's Diabetic Dress Socks

This is a new product my readers have recommended me to add to this article. Silky Toes Cotton diabetic dress socks for men are apparently extremely comfortable! They promote blood circulation with a non-constricting cuff and a super-stretch design. 

The best point about these socks is that they seem to hold up all day long! That’s a real gem because diabetic socks tend to slip off due to their loose-fit design.

Silky Toes’ soft yarn is moisture-wicking and temperature regulating, keeping your feet fresh, dry, and healthy during a whole day of work. Their seamless construction reduces skin friction and risks of blisters. You get different colors to choose from and mix in 3 or 6 pack. 

The only downside I could find is that they do not have extra-padding nor cushioning for ultimate feet comfort and protection. It can also be a plus, as socks with extra-padding usually do not fit into men’s dress shoes… 

Softest Men's Crew Socks for Diabetes

Facool Merino Wool Cushion Sole Diabetic Socks

Facool Merino Wool Cushion Sole Diabetic Socks

Facool’s diabetic socks are crafted in 40% high-quality Merino wool, which has numerous benefits. Merino wool is a temperature-regulating material, making these socks suitable for all seasons. They keep your feet cool in summer and warm in winter. Plus, the ventilated mesh provides optimum breathability so your feet never feel sweaty. Merino wool is extremely soft. It’s hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive skins

Facool’s diabetic socks toe seam is hand-linked and non-irritating. You’ll enjoy their relaxed fit and a non-binding top. Wider than regular socks, they do not cut off circulation and never leave marks on your legs. These socks are cushioned and padded from heel to toe. It really makes the difference for comfort, protection, and durability. Las but not least, value for money is super interesting!

Best Extra-wide Diabetic Socks for Men

Extra-Wide Medical Mid-Calf Socks for Diabetes & Swollen Feet

Extra-Wide Medical Socks for Diabetes & Swollen Feet

The Extra-wide Sock Company specialises in diabetes-friendly extra-wide socks! These medical mid-calf socks for men are wider on the foot, ankle and leg than any other diabetic socks. They stretch up to 25 inches at the calf. 

They’re easy to put on and do not sag on your leg. They’re non-constricting and do no impede blood circulation. They’re ideal for diabetes, neuropathy, edema, wide or swollen feet

Moreover, the inverted toe seam is made for sensitive and blistering skins to be protected from rubbing and irritation. These extra-wide socks are treated with Microban, an antimicrobial technology that helps prevent odor-causing bacteria.

Do not size up when ordering. Refer to the Extra-wide Sock Company’s size chart in the photo gallery. Customers’ rating is 4.5 out of 5 from more than 1,800 reviews, which is quite convincing. The only downside I could find is that the material might not be moisture-wicking enough. 

Best Men's Diabetic Athletic Socks

Thorlos Running Maximum Cushion Protective Ankle Socks

Thorlos Running Maximum Cushion Protective Ankle Socks

Thorlos specializes in high-performance and technical socks for athletes. Even though Thorlos’ running socks are not specially designed for diabetics, you’ll find in them all benefits you need to protect your feet during medium to high-intensity physical exercise

Thorlos maximum cushion running ankle socks for men do not put any pressure points on your feet and legs. They’re crafted in Thorlon patented yarn which is moisture-wicking, anti-blister, and extremely soft on the skin. There’s extra cushioning on top to protect your toes, as well as in the arch for protection and support. 

These socks are “engineered to deliver maximum protection and comfort in the critical strike zones for any runner prone to blisters, foot pain or discomfort“. They’re what’s best for athletes living with diabetes and neuropathy.

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Best Men's Bamboo Diabetic Socks for Summer

Hugh Ugoli Loose & Thin Diabetic Bamboo Socks for Men

Hugh Ugoli Loose & Thin Diabetic Bamboo Socks for Men

Hugh Ugoli is a premium quality socks brand that offers reasonably priced socks for diabetics. Their lightweight Men’s Diabetic thin bamboo socks are a smart choice for this summer

When looking for summer diabetic socks, you want to avoid cotton as it is not moisture-wicking enough. To stay away from foot problems, you must keep your feet in a dry and healthy environment. Bamboo fibers socks are the best for that purpose. The material is highly moisture-wicking and breathable. Plus, it’s extremely soft, and naturally anti-bacterial, anti-odor, and anti-fungus. Hugh Ugoli’s socks are made with 80% bamboo fibers (it’s about the highest bamboo fiber content you can find in socks!).

Besides, these mens socks have great diabetes-friendly features for a full feet protection. They’re loose-fitting and non-binding. The seam is flat and hand-linked to prevent blisters. You get a reinforcement on the heels and toes for better comfort. And they’re so thin and lightweight you don’t even feel them! 

Best Thermal Diabetic Socks for Men in Winter

Loose Fit Stays Up Merino Wool Extra-wide Socks for Diabetes

Loose Fit Stays Up Merino Wool Extra-wide Socks for Diabetes

Diabetics should pay special attention to keeping their feet warm in winter. Cold increases skin dryness and irritation, which can lead to cracks and infections. But you don’t want your feet to be too warm either: sweaty feet get more fungal and bacterial infections. Finding good winter socks for diabetes is a true hassle: they need to be warm, but moisture-wicking and breathable at the same time.  

Loose Fit Stays Up’s Marled Merino Thermal diabetic socks are made with 72% Merino Wool, the warmest and softest wool with natural moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial properties. 

The loose-fit top does not cut off blood circulation but stays up and on. It’s 25% wider on the foot, ankle and leg than other diabetic socks and stretches up to 23 inches at the calf. 

Besides, these wool socks have a seamless construction and a cushioned sole for enhanced comfort and protection. They are a bit pricy, but you get what you pay for: premium quality mens diabetic winter socks that will keep your feet warm and healthy during many winter seasons!

Best Knee-high Diabetic Socks for Men

+MD Extra-wide Cushion Bamboo Diabetic Knee-high Socks

+MD Extra-wide Cushion Bamboo Diabetic Knee-high Socks

It’s literally the only knee-high diabetic socks for men I’ve found with quality! First, there are very few available. Second, many knee-high diabetic socks are actually compression socks which you want to avoid when living with diabetes. 

The +MD extra-wide cushioned knee-high men’s diabetic socks are crafted with 87% of bamboo fibers. They have high moisture-wicking properties, and offer an unbeatable softness. Mesh ventilations hoses are built in the socks to increase breathability.

The non-binding soft stretch extra-wide cuff is specially designed for people with diabetes and circulatory problems such as peripheral neuropathy. An extra-cushioning at the sole area enhances comfort and durability, and protects your feet from injuries and shocks. The hidden toe seam helps prevent blisters and skin frictions. 

In short, it’s a great product I’m happy to recommend. It’s reasonably priced at $5,5/pair.

Cheapest Diabetic Socks for Men

Falari Walmart Therapeutic Men's Diabetic Socks, 12-pack

Falari Walmart Therapeutic Men's Diabetic Socks, 12-pack

Designed for circulatory problems, diabetes, neuropathy, edema, and swollen feet, Falari’s Therapeutic socks are a good choice if you’re on a budget. These loose-top socks are specially designed to avoid constricting your leg and to promote blood circulation, which is the very first reason why you want diabetic socks. 

I have personally not tried Falari’s diabetic socks so I can’t give you a personal opinion on their overall quality. Amazon costumers reviewed it with more than 77% of 5 stars and most seem to be satisfied. 

If your problem is only about poor circulation, go ahead! But if you’re suffering from further foot problems such as foot pain, diabetic neuropathy, blistering, sensitive skin, feet sweating…I’d recommend you get more sophisticated socks for diabetes with at least a moisture-wicking yarn and a seamless construction.

Falari’s diabetic socks for men and women are sold at Walmart, but they’re a bit cheaper on Amazon.

Best Budget Dr. Scholl's Mens Diabetic Socks

Dr. Scholl's Men's Diabetes & Circulatory 4-pack Socks

Dr. Scholl's Men's Diabetes & Circulatory 4-pack Socks

Here’s another budget diabetic socks choice for men. Dr. Scholl’s famous company designs numerous foot products for diabetes and neuropathy, ranging from basic budget ones to top of the line ones. 

These Men’s Diabetes & Circulatory Socks are a bit more expensive than the ones from Falari (above) but the extra dollar per pair is well worth it. The yarn is softer, there’s a smooth toe seam, an improved moisture management technology, as well as an anti-bacterial treatment. Plus, the bottom is cushioned for more comfort and durability. 

We’re still in the budget diabetic socks category but these can do a good job!

Best Diabetic Gripper Socks for Men

Non-Slip Hospital Loose Slipper Socks for Diabetes & Circulation

There are few diabetic socks with grippers available. I’ve scrutinised about a dozen of them and I think these are the best value for money you can get. I have not personally tested them. but Amazon customers rate at 89% with 5 and 4 stars, which is quite an exceptional satisfaction.

Personal Touch Health Care Apparel’s slipper diabetic socks with grippers are cotton-made. They’re specially designed for diabetes, neuropathy and circulatory problems, as well as edema and swollen feet. Like every diabetic socks I recommend, they are loose-fitting and won’t constrict your legs in order to promote blood flow

The grippers are made with non-skid, a material used on the deck of ships to reduce slippery floor. It’s very efficient and considerably reduces risks of falling on slippery floors like wooden floors and hospital floors. 

If you suffer from a lack of foot sensation due to diabetic neuropathy, wearing gripper socks can really help walk more securely of slippery floors

Men's Diabetic Socks: FAQ

Diabetic socks have become very popular lately and there is a very large choice of products available. It can be really hard to find what you’re looking for. That’s why I’ve put together the above list of 15 best men’s diabetic socks for every style and budget. But you might still struggle to find your dream product and to know what diabetic socks would be best for you. Here’s an ask and answer section to help you make a smart purchase decision.

What do diabetic socks do?

Diabetic socks are different from regular socks. They are professionally designed orthopaedic socks which features have been carefully studied and chosen to best address common diabetes-related foot problems. 

Diabetic socks help promote blood circulation

Many diabetes-related foot problems are caused by a reduced blood flow to the feet. It’s extremely important that your socks don’t aggravate the problem and help boost your blood circulation. Diabetic socks should have a loose-top, be non-constricting and non-binding with a stretch design. Stay away from socks that have elastics at the top. 

Diabetic socks protect from blisters & wounds

With diabetes, a tiny blister can turn into a real nightmare and lead to severe conditions such as foot ulcers, gangrene, and ultimately foot amputation. You do not want to take the risk. Anything that could rub against your feet skin can cause blisters or irritations and should be avoided. That’s why most diabetic socks are seamless or knitted with inverse linking. 

Socks for diabetics are often made with finer fabrics that feel softer against the skin and reduce skin abrasion. Again, the purpose is to avoid any irritation that could get infected or lead to more severe foot conditions. 

Good socks for diabetes are moisture-wicking & anti-bacterial

One of the most important things when living with diabetes is to keep your feet in a dry and healthy environment. Wet socks are your worst enemies. Moist feet are fungal and bacterial infections favorite ground and a wet skin easily blisters. Diabetic socks are usually made with technical moisture-wicking materials, such as nano-fabrics for example. Avoid cotton, and prefer synthetic materials such as acrylic. 

If you’re concerned about excessive feet sweating, choose a diabetic sock that also has a good ventilated mesh. It will help your feet breath and limit the moist. 

Diabetes & neuropathy socks provide good cushioning

The best diabetic socks offer extra-padding and cushioning along the bottom of the sock, around the toes, at the heel and then ball of the foot. Avoiding shock and increasing comfort cannot do any harm! If you feel like you need extra padding though, have you thought about diabetic insoles? The padding and cushioning are usually much thicker and more efficient in insoles and shoes that in socks. 

Diabetic socks increase wounds awareness

When living with diabetic neuropathy and loss of sensation in your feet, white-soled socks can really help. If you have wounds, blood or infectious liquid stains will be visible and alert you so you can take immediate action. That should not be an excuse to stop inspecting your feet daily though. Remember that a good daily diabetes foot care routine takes no more than 5 minutes a day and keeps you away from a lot of troubles.

Socks for diabetics keep feet warm & comfortable

Keeping your feet warm helps increase blood circulation and prevents dry skin to crackdown. But be careful: too warm and sweaty feet are not good either. 

Last but not least, your diabetic socks must fit your feet perfectly. All of the above features will be useless if you do not choose the right size! Socks that are too tight constrict your feet and impede blood circulation. Socks that are too big sag and rub on your skin to cause irritation and blisters. Yes, size matters! When it comes to socks at least…

How to know if you need diabetic socks?

Diabetic footwear is not for diabetic people but for diabetic problems. Logically, if you do not have any foot problems, you’d think you don’t need diabetic socks. But diabetes foot problems are often invisible. 

Diabetic Neuropathy and Peripheral Artery Disease, two common diabetes complications sometimes come with silent symptoms, especially at the beginning. They can affect your feet without you noticing it, reducing blood flow and pain sensitivity. In these cases, even if you do not feel any pain, even if your feet look great, you should wear diabetic socks as a prevention from future problems. 

Cases where you need diabetic socks

To make things a bit clearer, here are 3 common cases where diabetic socks are recommended:

  • You already have foot problems such as diabetic foot pain, swollen feet, ulcer, feet swelling, excessive feet sweating, blisters, fungus infections, sensitive skin, irritated skin, moist or smelly feet, cold feet, etc. Choosing the right diabetic socks can help address these problems.
  • You do not have any specific foot condition BUT you have been diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy or Peripheral artery disease. Diabetic socks can play a preventive role to avoid developing further foot conditions.
  • You do not have any specific foot condition nor have you been diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy, BUT you don’t feel comfortable in regular socks. You might want to try diabetic socks which features are made to enhance comfort and protection.

In any case, always ask for your doctor’s advice. 

How to choose the best men's diabetic socks?

There is no such thing as the best diabetic socks for men. Every man has different needs and should accordingly prioritize different socks’ features. To make a smart purchase decision, you should first ask yourself: what sock feature do I need most? The important thing is that you find the diabetic socks that best suit your own needs. It all depends on your own feet and your own foot problems, as well as your own personal lifestyle. 

Here’s a little chart to help you clarify what diabetic socks features you might need most depending on the most common diabetes-related foot problems:

What to look for in Diabetic socks?
What to look for in diabetic socks for men?