The 10 Best CBD Creams for Neuropathy Pain

Last updated on May 4, 2022 – Published on September 28, 2021

Chronic pain caused by peripheral neuropathy can be physically and emotionally draining. If the standard neuropathy treatments have failed to bring you relief, there are many alternative ways to manage nerve pain. 

CBD cream for neuropathy pain is one of them. Pain creams infused with Cannabidiol (CBD) are one of the newest topical relievers found to topically reduce neuropathy pain. 

Best CBD creams for neuropathy foot pain

CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant. Unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD has no psychoactive effect. While it does not provoke any “high”, CBD is a strong natural pain killer. It’s used to relieve strong chronic pain such as the one caused by peripheral neuropathy and nerve damage. 

CBD is now legal on the federal level and comes as an alternative to prescription painkillers that often have harmful side effects and can cause strong addictions. 

There’s a wide range of products infused with CBD. While some people prefer ingesting drops of pure CBD oil or eating CBD gummies for pain, applying CBD-infused pain creams on feet suffering from neuropathy provides incredible relief for many others. 

Cannabidiol is considered mostly safe if used reasonably. Besides, some of the best CBD creams for neuropathy pain cost as little as $20. 

So, if you’ve been struggling to find an effective pain relief solution, CBD creams are definitely worth the try!

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How do CBD Creams Help With Neuropathy Pain?

Recent discoveries about CBD’s potential health benefits and wellness properties have made it one of the most trending products lately. 

CBD’s pain relief effects are now well-acknowledged, but scientific research about its precise effects on peripheral neuropathy is still ongoing. 

That being said, applying CBD creams for neuropathy has very little risk and works great for many patients.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound found in the cannabis plant. Along with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it’s one of the 100 identified cannabinoids and accounts for about 40% of the plant’s extract. But unlike THC, it does not provoke any “high” effect.

Cannabidiol comes in multiple forms including dry flowers, pure oil extract, capsules, powders, or vapor.

Following the legalization of CBD at the federal level in 2018, products derived from CBD have literally mushroomed. You can find CBD foods, drinks, gummies, CBD beauty products, CBD for pets, CBD-infused clothing, and pretty much CBD-everything.

While some products are real scams and contain too little Cannabidiol or no Cannabidiol at all, when CBD is properly dosed out it can have great health benefits for numerous conditions including chronic pain, mental health disorders, depression, stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, diabetes, heart conditions, cancers, and more.

CBD Creams for Neuropathy

Whether caused by diabetes, chemotherapy, or other factors, peripheral neuropathy is a painful condition that’s very difficult to address. Symptoms vary depending on the individual and the extent of nerve damage. They may include sharp pains, cramps, numbness, increased sensitivity to touch, burning sensation, tingling, pricking, and others. Response to painkillers and pain-management therapies also varies drastically depending on the individual. Some people find relief in standard medicated treatments, while others don’t and turn to alternative medicines instead. The use of CBD for neuropathy is still under research but recent studies show great promises. CBD’s efficacy as a painkiller and analgesic is now widely acknowledged in the medical world. Cannabidiol interacts with our endocannabinoid system to create pain-relieving effects. According to a recent Forbes Health Survey, 60% of CBD users use it for pain relief purposes. CBD is used in pain-management therapies for numerous chronic conditions such as arthritis, chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, and others. Regarding neuropathy more specifically, recent studies have revealed the effectiveness of CBD in the relief of nerve pain caused by diabetic peripheral neuropathy. In the most important of these studies, “The effectiveness of topical cannabidiol in symptomatic relief of peripheral neuropathy“, 15 patients were topically administered Cannabidiol-infused creams on areas affected by nerve pain. 14 other patients were placed in a placebo group. After 4 weeks, the results showed that there was a “significant reduction in intense pain, sharp pain, cold and itchy sensations in the CBD group when compared to the placebo group”. People respond differently to the pain caused by neuropathy and nerve damage. While CBD has proven to work for many sufferers, it might not work for all of them. But because it’s mostly safe and affordable, it’s definitely worth the try if you’re looking for new ways to relieve neuropathy pain.

Are CBD creams safe for neuropathy?

CBD is a natural and non-addictive product. It’s much cheaper than pharmaceutical painkillers and has very few side effects.

When it’s pure and properly dosed, CBD is well-tolerated by most people, including diabetes and neuropathy patients. 

Most of CBD’s side effects come from excessive dosage and include dry mouth, diarrhea, reduced appetite, drowsiness, fatigue, or damage to the liver in rare cases. 

CBD creams usually contain anything from 1 to 20% Cannabidiol. With such a low dosage and when topically applied, overdosing on CBD is very unlikely. The most common side effect of applying CBD creams for neuropathy would be an allergic reaction probably caused by other ingredients. 

Cannabidiol is very trendy and the market is full of low-quality products. Always choose creams and lotions that have been third-party tested for quality and purity. If you’re using CBD for the first time, start with the lowest dosage and gradually increase until you reach the desired effects. 

Cannabidiol is potent and may interact with some medications. Always ask for your doctor’s advice before taking CBD. 


Neuropathy is a serious condition that can cause severe complications. Any treatment must be discussed with and supervised by your medical team. Always ask for your doctor’s advice before using CBD for neuropathy.

The Best CBD Creams for Neuropathy Pain

The CBD pain cream market is saturated and full of creams and balms that contain little to zero CBD of low quality. 

When buying a CBD cream for neuropathy pain, you want to make sure you’re actually purchasing medical-grade Cannabidiol in sufficient quantity to relieve the pain and symptoms.

CBD works great in synergy with other natural painkilling ingredients. You can try minimalist pain creams with CBD only. But choosing CBD foot creams that contain other painkilling, soothing, regenerating, or moisturizing ingredients can also be interesting for neuropathy.

Here’s a selection of 10 high-quality CBD-infused pain creams recommended for neuropathy pain. We only choose products that have been third-party tested for CBD quality and purity. 

1. Zatural CBD Hot Cream for Neuropathy Pain

Broad-spectrum CBD – 2000 mg

The Best CBD Cream for Neuropathy Pain Overall

Zatural CBD Hot Cream is the most potent and effective CBD cream for neuropathy pain. It’s infused with high-quality CBD organically grown in Colorado (USA) and Supercritical CO2 extracted. It’s the purest way to extract CBD oil and preserve its natural properties.

This cream is made with broad-spectrum CBD. It does not contain any THC but does contain some terpenes and flavonoids which work in synergy with cannabidiol to increase pain relief and reduce inflammation.

Besides CBD oil, Zatural Hot Cream contains over 20 plant extracts and essential oils with valuable benefits for neuropathy pain and symptoms. Helichrysum flower oil is believed to help regenerate nerves and connective tissues, while Basil is known as a good nerve tonic. There’s also Peppermint oil to help boost blood circulation and reduce swelling, and Chamomille for its incredible soothing properties. 

Add to that some cooling Menthol crystals and soothing Aloe Vera extract and you’ve got the absolute best CBD cream for neuropathy pain!

CBD Cost & Concentration

If you choose the maximum strength (2000 mg / 8 oz), Zatural cream is quite expensive ($90). But if you calculate the actual cost per 100 mg of CBD, it’s the best price you can get by far ($4,5). You’re actually buying CBD, not water!

2. Pure Hemp Intensive CBD Isolate Relief Rub

Isolate CBD – 500 mg

The Best Low-strength CBD Cream for Neuropathy

Pure Hemp is an award-winning CBD company with an extended catalog of first-quality CBD oils and creams. There are over 10 CBD pain relief topicals to choose from on their website.

I find the 500 mg Intensive Relief CBD Rub to be the most suitable for CBD beginners who suffer from diabetic foot pain caused by peripheral neuropathy. 

It’s made with CBD isolate, the purest form of CBD guaranteed without any traces of THC residues. It also contains 10% of Emu oil, which has strong anti-inflammatory properties and helps stimulates cell regeneration. 

Pure Hemp CBD cream also has aloe vera and arnica for even stronger pain relief and calming effects, as well as menthol for a discrete cooling sensation. 

The strength is medium. If you’re looking for a similar product with a higher CBD potency, check out Pure Hemp’s Full Spectrum CBD Freeze Relief Cream with 1000 mg.

CBD Cost & Concentration

3. CBD American Shaman Terpene Topical Serum for Pain

Full-spectrum or Broad-spectrum – 450 mg 

The Strongest CBD Topical for Neuropathy Pain

CBD American Shaman offers a unique product here. It’s not a cream but a topical serum made with pure CBD oil. You can choose broad-spectrum (no THC at all) or full-spectrum CBD (less than 0,3% of THC). 

It’s one of the rare CBD oils formulated for topical use and not for oral consumption. The result is quite efficient as this serum penetrates the tissues and enters the bloodstream within 10 minutes after application. 

It’s one of the most expensive CBD topical products with a cost of $19,99 per 100 mg of CBD. On the other hand, with 900 mg of CBD per ounce, it’s also the one with the highest actual CBD concentration.

Bottom line: CBD American Shaman is the strongest CBD topical for neuropathy and is best suited for CBD’s initiated users.

CBD Cost & Concentration

4. NuLeaf Full-Spectrum CBD Balm for Nerve Pain 

Full-spectrum CBD – 900 mg

The Best Full-Spectrum CBD Cream for Nerve Pain

If you like minimalist creams with efficient formulas, NuLeaf Naturals’ full-spectrum CBD balm is for you!

We could not do simpler: 900 mg of Full-spectrum Organic CBD infused in pure Shea Butter. Nothing more. No perfume, no preservatives, no chemicals, no nothing irritative. And guess what? It works just great!

Full-spectrum CBD contains small amounts of all compounds naturally found in the cannabis plant, including traces of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Legal full-spectrum CBD products cannot have more than 0.3% of THC. Such a small quantity won’t provoke any “high” effect. Instead, it works in synergy with Cannabidiol and other components to increase the pain-relief power of the cannabis plant. 

The CBD used in NuLeaf Balm is organic, premium quality, and supercritical Co2 extracted.

This balm is highly concentrated and its travel size jar is ideal to carry everywhere with you. Apply a small quantity and gently massage your feet. One jar goes a long way!

CBD Cost & Concentration

5. Pure Hemp Freeze Relief CBD Cream

Full-spectrum CBD – 1000 mg

The Best Synergy between CBD & Freeze Therapy for Pain

Cold therapy, or cryotherapy, has proven great pain-relieving effects on neuropathy foot pain. Many people with neuropathy suffer from stabbing or shooting pain, and burning sensation in the feet. Cold has strong immediate analgesic effects that temporarily alleviate and neutralize nerve pain and symptoms.

Pure Hemp combines here CBD and cryotherapy together for an ultimate neuropathy pain relief foot cream. It’s infused with full-spectrum high-quality CBD (actual concentration of 588 mg per ounce), as well as Menthol crystals, Arnica & Peppermint oil for a freeze cooling sensation.

Add to that moisturizing shea butter, avocado oil, and soothing aloe vera and you’ve got an amazing all-in-one CBD Cream for neuropathy.

Pure Hemp is a premium-quality CBD company, so this cream is quite expensive ($100 for 1.7 oz) but you currently get 50% off Pure Hemp website, so take advantage of it now!

CBD Cost & Concentration

6. Zatural Quick Relief CBD Roll-on

Broad-spectrum CBD – 200 mg

The Best Pocket Size CBD Pain Reliever for Neuropathy

Zatural offers a very convenient Quick Relief CBD Roll-on that’s ideal to carry in your bag or pocket and to use on the go. 

You get the same quality and a similar synergy for neuropathy between CBD and essential oils as found in Zatural CBD Hot Cream.

However, the actual CBD concentration is lower (154 mg of CBD per ounce versus 250 mg for the Hot Cream).

CBD Cost & Concentration

7. CBD FX Set for Neuropathy Foot Pain

Is CBD FX Foot Care Set Good for Diabetic Neuropathy?

CBD FX is a CBD company I often recommend to my readers for the wide variety of products made to suit everyone’s needs. The products are organic, cruelty-free, and made in the USA.

CBD FX foot care set includes one CBD foot cream and two CBD foot masks. 

The foot cream alone is worth it. It contains 500 mg of high-quality broad-spectrum CBD for an actual concentration of 294 mg per ounce (medium strength). Besides the pain-relieving properties of CBD, you’ll benefit from the soothing and anti-inflammatory effects of Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils, as well as the nourishing properties of shea butter and jojoba oil.

CBD FX’s foot masks are easy-to-use moisturizing slip-on booties infused with 50 mg of broad-spectrum CBD as well as essential oils. They’re made to smooth, calm, and soften your skin while relieving stress and sores. A luxurious treat for your feet!

8. Just CBD Plant-powered Relief Cream

Just CBD’s plant-powered CBD Relief Cream combines CBD oil with plant extracts from arnica, aloe vera, witch hazel, Camphor, and Menthol. It’s a great pain cream for neuropathy and a good moisturizer as well. 

However, note that the formula isn’t all-natural and this cream does contain some chemicals. It may not be a problem for you but if you’re looking for clean, organic, all-natural compositions, this is not your best choice. 

The best thing about Just CBD’s pain cream formula is that it’s available in a wide range of strengths and formats. You can choose heat relief cream, freeze relief cream, airless pump container, as well as ultra-strong CBD gel. 

Besides, it’s one of the cheapest CBD creams for neuropathy pain. Have a look at their catalog!

CBD Cost & Concentration

9. BioTech CBD Gel with Capsaicin & Menthol

CBD Isolate – 1500 mg

Biotech CBD roll-on soothing gel formula combines many ingredients that have proven to effectively help with neuropathy pain. It’s infused with 1500 mg of high-quality pure CBD Isolate.

It also contains 10% of Menthol and 1% of Capsaicin for an icy-hot feel that’s highly efficient to calm nerve pain. Capsaicin is the substance that makes chilli hot. It’s a strong topical pain-reliever that stimulates the intensity of pain signals sent to the brain to provoke the release of our natural pain-relievers. Many neuropathy creams use Capsaicin as their main active ingredient.

The icy-hot feel created by the synergy of menthol and capsaicin provides a quick relief even from the strongest pain. This soothing gel is all-natural and also contains calming and moisturizing aloe vera.

CBD Cost & Concentration

10. CBD.Co Foot Care Bundle for Foot Neuropathy

Is CBD.Co Foot Care Bundle good for Neuropathy?

This CBD Foot Care Bundle by CBD.co is a great starter kit for beginners willing to try CBD products for neuropathy pain. 

You get 6 different CBD foot care and pain-relief products. They’re all of excellent quality from 4 leading CBD companies.

The 2 foot & ankle pain relief topicals from CBD Medic are very good at targeting nerve pain in the feet. The Social CBD foot renewal cream and CBD FX overnight moisturizer foot balm are ideal foot creams for diabetic feet too. And the soothing CBD foot soak and bath bomb are great for relaxing your feet and treating them with a luxurious moment.

All in all, this bundle offer is a good choice and makes you save $29. However, it’s made for CBD newbies, so the products have low to medium CBD concentrations. If you want higher potencies, you should buy them separately and select a higher CBD dosage.

How to Choose CBD Creams for Neuropathy?

You’ve probably noticed already: no CBD pain-relief cream has been specially formulated for neuropathy pain. When you know that more than 20 million Americans have some form of peripheral neuropathy, you can really wonder what the h*** CBD companies are waiting for. 

Fortunately, because of the way CBD interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system, CBD creams work on any kind of chronic pain, including neuropathy. 

However, peripheral neuropathy being such a delicate condition causing the feet to be very fragile, you should not apply poor-quality CBD creams on your feet. 

CBD creams for neuropathy must be infused with high-quality medical-grade CBD oil and made with non-aggressive and non-irritative ingredients. 

Additionally, choosing CBD pain creams that contain other ingredients effective on neuropathy might be more interesting than pure CBD only. You’ll benefit from the synergy between CBD, essential oils, plant extracts, and others to maximize the benefits. 

Here’s all you need to know to choose the best CBD cream for neuropathy. 

CBD Potency

Most CBD topical products contain anything from 50 mg to 3000 mg of CBD. Careful! These numbers represent the amount of CBD contained in the bottle. They’re not about potency! To know the real potency of the product, you must calculate the actual CBD concentration (how many mg of CBD per ounce).

A travel-size 1-ounce pain-relief balm infused with 500 mg of CBD is much stronger than an 8-ounces lotion infused with 1000 mg of CBD. In the first case, the actual CBD concentration is 500 mg per ounce (medium/strong), while in the second case it’s only 125 (low-strength). 

When shopping for CBD cream for pain, you should always do the maths and calculate the actual CBD concentration to know what’s the real potency. Simply divide the number of mg of CBD by the number of ounces.

  • Low potency: below 200mg of CBD per ounce
  • Medium potency: between 200mg and 600mg of CBD per ounce
  • High potency: above 600 mg of CBD per ounce
If you’re new to CBD, you should start with the lowest CBD concentration and gradually increase potency. 
CBD isolate versus full-spectrum versus broad-spectrum for neuropathy
The pain-relieving effects of CBD also depend on the type of CBD

What CBD Spectrum is Best for Neuropathy?

The type of CBD your cream is infused with is very important too. There are 3 main types of CBD: isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum. The difference relates to their compounds. 

CBD Isolate Creams

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD. It contains Cannabidiol only. It’s much more refined than the other forms, and it comes through extra processing to isolate the cannabidiol from any other cannabis plant’s natural compounds. 

Choose CBD isolate creams for neuropathy pain if:

  • You want the purest form of CBD
  • You’re a first-time CBD user
  • You want a THC-free product
  • You want to take high doses of CBD

Full-Spectrum CBD Creams

Full-spectrum CBD contains not only Cannabidiol, but also small amounts of all the natural compounds found in the Cannabis plant, including Terpenes, Flavonoids, and traces of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). 

Studies have shown that full-spectrum CBD offers what’s known as the “entourage effects”. The synergy between all the cannabis plant’s compounds maximizes the benefits of CBD, especially for pain management.

A potential risk of full-spectrum CBD is the “high” effect due to THC. However, the quantity of THC is so little (legally less than 0,3%) that you would need to ingest or apply huge quantities of creams to produce any euphoric effects. It’s pretty much impossible when you use topical products. 

Choose full-spectrum CBD creams for neuropathy if:

  • You want to maximise the benefits of CBD
  • You need a strong pain reliever
  • CBD isolate does not work for you
  • You don’t mind about small traces of THC

Broad-spectrum CBD Creams

Broad-spectrum CBD is like full-spectrum CBD but without the THC. It is not a pure CBD isolate as it does contain other cannabis compounds (including terpenes and flavonoids), but it has been cleared from any traces of THC.

Using pain relief topicals infused with broad-spectrum CBD allows you to benefit from some of the entourage effects but not as much as with full-spectrum CBD. In other words, studies have shown that broad-spectrum CBD is a stronger pain reliever than CBD isolate, but not as strong as full-spectrum CBD. 

Choose broad-spectrum CBD pain creams if: 

  • You want something stronger than CBD isolate
  • You don’t want any traces of THC
Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum Vs CBD Isolate
Full-Spectrum CBD vs CBD Isolate

CBD quality and COAs

CBD is still a relatively young product and new companies pop up every month. That context makes it hard to choose, trust, and be sure we’re buying quality products. 

Third-party COAs (Certificates of Analysis) are very helpful. These reports help guarantee the cream you’re looking at contains what it says it contains. They also report whether the product has passed the tests for contaminants.

What Other Ingredients are Good for Nerve Pain? 

CBD isn’t the only natural pain reliever that works for neuropathy. So, why not look for a cream that combines CBD with other components to increase the desired effects? 

Here’s a list of synergy ingredients that you should be looking for when buying CBD creams for nerve pain. 

Essential oils for neuropathy

A recent scientific study report a 66% drop in diabetes-related peripheral neuropathy pain in patients who got their feet massaged with essential oils, compared to a 9% drop only for others. 

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries in traditional medicines to effectively reduce nerve pain, soothe the nervous system, and repair damaged nerves. 

Essential oils blend very well in creams and lotions and are totally compatible with CBD. They’re 100% natural and have very mild side effects. 

When shopping for CBD topicals for neuropathy, it’s a good idea to look for creams, salves, or lotions that also contain essential oils known to relieve nerve pain and repair damaged nerves such as Frankincense, Myrrh, Peppermint, Helichrysum Italicum, Basil, or Chamomille. 

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Menthol and cooling ingredients

Cold is a natural analgesic that can considerably reduce the sensation of pain. Many people suffering from peripheral neuropathy find relief in cold compresses or natural ingredients with a cooling effect. 

Many diabetic foot creams and most of the above CBD creams for nerve pain contain either menthol crystals or peppermint essential oil. Their cooling effect helps alleviate neuropathy symptoms such as burning sensation, tingling, or numbness. 

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Natural painkillers

CBD combines very well with other natural or non-natural pain-killing ingredients such as Capsaicin, Arnica, Camphor, Lidocaine, and others. 

Many CBD topicals for pain smartly use the synergy between these ingredients for optimal results. 

Soothers and moisturizers

When living with diabetes and neuropathy, you must keep the skin of your feet nourished and hydrated. Dry skin tends to crack and gets wounds that can get infected and lead to serious foot problems

If besides relieving pain, your CBD foot cream nourishes your skin, it’s a valuable bonus! If you have dry skin, look for CBD creams and lotions that contain shea butter, or quality natural oils such as jojoba, coconut, argan, or others. 

There’s little way around aloe vera when it comes to pain relief topicals and most CBD creams contain aloe vera. It has strong anti-inflammatory, pain-relief, hydrating, and soothing properties, and it provides a slightly cooling effect that is very pleasant on feet affected by peripheral neuropathy.